• Finn Dervan

Turn and Face the Strange.....

Without doubt, I should have been born sometime before the industrial revolution; a love of candlelight, extravagant tailoring and nothing more than a tenuous understanding of the mechanics of watermills wouldn't have seemed so amiss back then. Hence to be launching a website that I have created myself, to be engaging on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and opening myself up to all the adulation and vilification that ensue, is an utterly alien experience for me, to say the least. But for those in the know, the last six months have been a time of meaningful change, both welcome and not so welcome; 'bittersweet' doesn't even begin to describe them. The bitter part is for another blog and another persona, but I can derive some sweetness from the fact that Serenity Song is to be published and I get to play the part of writer for a while. So finding wisdom in Bowie lyrics, I am turning to face the strange. (It's lucky that I don't want to be a richer man....)

Huge thanks must go to Rosie Lowe and the production team at the Book Guild for turning my Word Document into a shiny new book and to Phillipa Iliffe for promoting it and producing fantastic images like this. Here's to Ch-ch-changes! XX


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